<b>White Knuckling</b><br>NY, NY<br>with East Village Walls, Oct 2018<br>photo by @just_a_spectator
<b>we live in a society</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, Aug 2018
<b>21st Century</b><br>Scene from Poltergeist<br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, Oct 2018<br>photo by just_a_spectator
<b>commission for Grow Brooklyn</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>photo by @just_a_spectator
<b>Don't Tell Me How To Be A Girl</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, May 2018<br>photo by Louis Zuppatdi
<b>Armor (Protect Ya Neck)</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with the Bushwick Collective, June 2018<br>photo by @just_a_spectator
<b>Je Sais Que Tu Sais (Je T'ai Vu)<br>I Know You Know (I Saw You)</b><br>Paris, France<br>with Le Mur Oberkampf, July 2018<br>photo by Virginie Favard
<b>portrait of Ronda Rousey</b><br>LES, NY, NY<br>with the WWE, Christine Reilly, and the New Allen, Aug 2018<br>photo by Kareem Black
<b>Rise Up in the Dirt</b><br>Kyiv, Ukraine<br>with Art United Us, Nov. 2017<br>photo by Sergiy Kadulin
<b>Neighbours</b><br>Forshaga, Sweden<br>with Artscape 2017, July 2017<br>photo by Fredrik Akerberg
<b>Long Road Ahead</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, Nov. 2016<br>photo by Audrey Connolly
<b>Tuff</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, June 2016
<b>Mark Clemente</b><br>Lower East Side, NY<br>with Market Surplus on Essex, June 2017<br>photo by Ben Lau
<b>Detail is Life</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>at Low Brow Artique, April 2017<br>photo by Ben Lau
<b>False Prophets (aka Don't Believe the Hype)</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, March 2017<br>photo by Ben Lau<br>sponsored by Montana Cans
<b>Please Be Reasonable</b><br>Lower East Side, NY<br>at L'asso NYC, April 2017<br>photo by Ben Lau
<b>Lines</b><br>Hadera, Israel<br>June 2017<br>photo by Gershon Abramashvilli
<b>Can't We All Just Get Along?</b><br>Bayside, NY<br>Feb. 2018
<b>Sick</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>at Low Brow Artique, Oct. 2017<br>photo by Ben Lau
<b>IT</b><br>Manhattan, NY<br>for Warner Bros, August 2017<br>photo by Ben Lau
<b>Life Cycle of a Dandelion (and a Sunflower and a Sun-proof Bird)</b><br>Yonkers, NY<br>with Yonkers' Art Wknd, May 2017<br>photo by Audrey Conolly
<b>Year of the Rooster</b><br>Chinatown, NY<br>Jan. 2018<br>photo by Ben Lau
<b>Psycho</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, Oct. 2016
<b>Self Portrait i</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>at The Yard BK, July 2015
<b>First Time</b><br>Garden City, NY<br>for the United Ink Tattoo show, August 2016
<b>Dirtbike</b><br>Brooklyn, NY<br>with JMZ Walls, Oct. 2015
<b>Alice in Wonderland i, Getting to Know You</b><br>Penelles, Spain<br>with the Gar Gar Festival, August 2017
<b>Alice in Wonderland ii, Daydreaming</b><br>Lurcy-Levis, France<br>at Street Art City, August 2017<br>photo by Virginie Favard